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Policy for Public Questions to the Accountability Board

SELEP welcomes public interest in its business. Its formal meetings are open to the public, unless confidential business is being discussed, and the papers are published on the SELEP website, as well as the Accountable Body’s (Essex County Council) website.

SELEP Downloadable DocumentView our Policy for Public Questions to the Accountability Board.


Our December 2018 Strategic Board meeting touched on our arrangements for governance and transparency referencing the recent national MHCLG (Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government) review.

SELEP Downloadable DocumentCover paper (Assurance Framework and Policies Report Strategic Board 01022018)

Adopted policies:

SELEP Downloadable DocumentAssurance Framework 2018

SELEP Downloadable DocumentCode of Conduct for LEP Board Members

SELEP Downloadable DocumentConfidential Reporting of Complaints Policy

SELEP Downloadable DocumentRegister of Interest Policy

SELEP Downloadable DocumentSubsistence and Hospitality Policy

SELEP Downloadable DocumentWhistleblowing Policy