Dartford Town Centre Improvements

The current adopted Dartford Borough Council Core Strategy (2011) sets out the council’s long-term spatial strategy up until 2026. It plans for a high level of growth in the Borough with sites and areas of growth identified for up to 17,300 homes and 26,500 jobs over the 20 year period to 2026. Dartford’s population is projected to increase from approximately 90,000 in 2006 to 129,000 by 2026.

Policy CS2 identifies Dartford Town Centre as a priority area for development and seeks its revitalisation through improving its range of attractions and environment. It states the importance of reversing the present deterioration of the Dartford Town Centre and supporting its growth to accommodate mixed use development, with key development sites identified.

Improvements to Dartford Town Centre are also identified as a priority for the borough in Kent’s forthcoming Local Transport Plan 4: Delivering Growth without Gridlock (consultation draft). The plan specifically draws on the substantial growth potential of Dartford Town Centre and draws upon the importance of sustainable infrastructure.

The proposed project, alongside other actions the Council is pursuing, will help address and support multiple objectives identified and help deliver the rejuvenation of the town centre, contributing to wider economic benefits and social well-being.