SEP (2014)

Strategic Economic Plan (2014)

Covering East Sussex, Essex, Kent, Medway, Southend and Thurrock, the South East LEP is powerful in terms of scale and ambition and local in terms of operation. We use the scale of our LEP to maximise private, public and community investment. In doing so, we will build strongly on plans developed with local business experience and market knowledge across our functional economic areas to deliver and target growth.

These proposals outline our ambition to spearhead with Government a massive £10 billion investment programme into East Sussex, Essex, Kent, Medway, Southend and Thurrock over the next 6 years to generate 200,000 private sector jobs and finance 100,000 new homes.

Our proposal is about the renewal of the physical and intellectual capital of our area. Alongside the upgrade of our roads, railways, harbours and homes, we put forward plans to raise educational and skills attainment to develop a workforce poised to grasp the new business and high-level job opportunities presented.

Take a look at the document section by section:

Section 1

Summarises major proposals.

Section 2

Outlines in our Strategic Economic Plan the shared opportunities and challenges across the SELEP area.

Section 3

Sets out our Growth Deal, the commitments we will offer and the commitments we seek of Government.

Section 4

Details the area-based Growth Deals, recognising the distinctive local approach to delivery.

East Sussex

Kent and Medway

Thames Gateway South Essex

Section 5

Outlines our federal structure and governance.

Section 6

Summarises our value for money and resource requirements.